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A Most Brilliant Dance
by zarah5 and softlyforgotten
Spencer/Ryan, Brendon/Jon (others)
77,000 words.
A lot of truths have been universally acknowledged. A Pride and Prejudice AU.

Excessively Long Authors' Notes: This fic began as rambling in a thread on zarah5's (when it was still zarah5) way back in July. It mostly a gleeful way to imagine Ryan as the Best Mr Darcy Ever – and then it kind of exploded on us, until you get it here today (or, well, starting today: one chapter will be posted each day, because we like dragging things out -- all done, you guys ♥). Along the way, we've had a bunch of help from people who more than deserve our thanks: inderpal, for looking at this in the earliest stages and offering invaluable characterisation advice; theaerosolkid for taking on the massive job when it was finally done to go through it ("Telis: full-service beta"); lyo for looking at the second draft and helping us out with that; inovertime for letting softlyforgotten ramble at her about it (ALL THE TIME) and also gush one day about Frank/Gerard subplots; and both of our f-lists who were constantly encouraging, supportive and as gleeful about it as we were.

I guess at this point we'll also be lame and thank each other: because our brains will never be the same again.

The story itself belongs to Jane Austen and the boys belong to themselves and possibly Zack, so we disclaim etc. We haven't attempted to imitate Austen's style very much at all, because we’re not that good, and you will notice certain discrepancies in the social mannerisms and history of the day: for this we ask that you suspend your disbelief.

And now you can stop pretending to be interested in these ramblings, and we hope very much that you enjoy reading as much as we did writing.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
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