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In Case The Scene Gets Nasty, Part 1/9

In Case The Scene Gets Nasty
by zarah5 and softlyforgotten
90,571 words.
Better to take the long way home than not to arrive at all. A high school AU.

Authors' Notes: So, after a long time of talking about this fic and crying about it to our flists and one abandonment of it and one agreement to pick the damn thing up and finish it because we loved this version of the boys too much to leave them hanging, we would like to present to you our high school AU of doom. Probably a lot of warnings should come with this, the main one being that this is unashamedly based on a badfic premise, and is highly indulgent as a result, the kind of fic both of us have always wanted to read, although hopefully executed with a little more style than the ones we've seen before. Here, then, is a story about a high school wherein Brendon and Ryan hate each other.

Along with warning for indulgence: neither author is American, and neither of us have a very clear understanding of the college application process. We've tried to make it as realistic as possible, but some details may be mistaken, and some may be deliberately wrong to allow for workings of the plot. We apologise, and ask that you suspend your disbelief just a little.

Finally, we have to thank the veritable team of people who got this to where it is: stele3, inderpal, tardis80, and oddishly for their cheerleading and help at various stages along the way, and allyndra and ivyenglish for their brilliant beta jobs at the end.

This fic took us a year to write. We hope you like it. ♥

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